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Schools Currently Available

  • Aberdeen School
  • Crawshaw School
  • Deanwell School
  • Endeavour Primary
  • Fairfield Intermediate School
  • Glenview Primary School
  • Hamilton Christian School
  • Horsham Downs Primary
  • Marian Catholic Primary School
  • Matangi School
  • Melville Intermediate School
  • Newstead Model Country School
  • Pukete School
  • Rotokauri School
  • Rototuna Primary School
  • Silverdale Normal School
  • St. Columba's Catholic School
  • St. Joseph's Catholic School
  • St. Peter Chanel Catholic School
  • St. Pius X School
  • Te Kopuku High
  • Te Totara Primary
  • TKKM o Te Ara Rima
  • TKKM o Toku Mapihi Maurea
  • Vardon School
  • Woodstock School

Schools Coming Soon

  • Hillcrest Normal School

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