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We are passionate about doing business for good. We believe it is well within our reach as a business and as a community to tackle some of the hardest issues our society is facing. One of the very prevelent issues in New Zealand is child poverty. Many disadvantaged children can never be sure of receiving three meals a day, often filling their tummies from the school water fountain.  

That is why an integral part of our business model involves collaborating with schools, communities and families to ensure that no child goes through school hungry. We believe that we can provide a sustainable, and holistic solution to this need.  

We also believe that there are many people in our communities who would love to help tackle this problem - but are often not sure how to help effectively. We aim to be a vehicle for those people to partner with knowing that what they are giving goes towards making a siginificant difference to children right in their own backyard. 

How it works?

LunchOrders have partnered with the existing work local schools are doing and strenghtened programmes in place to provide health food for those who are in need. Part of this will mean that our Foundation will be working with personnel in schools who have developed strong relationships with students and their families, and work towards effectively set up long term solutions that works towards building healthy families.

We have also partnered with KidsCan who are already doing a significant amount of work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Over 250,000 children have been impacted by the work that they do. All the money donated to KidsCan go towards local solutions to local problems. That means that all the money raised in the Waikato will go straight to partner schools KidsCan works with in the Waikato. LunchOrders hopes to become the largest contributor to the work KidsCan does in Waikato and we look forward to reporting some significant results through this partnership in the near future.   

How do we raise money?

We take a two pronged approach to raising money for the Fully Fed Foundation. We believe there are many people who would like to make a difference in our community and are looking for partner organisations who are doing effective work among children from disadvantaged backgrounds. That is why we give our members an opportunity to donate a small amount to the Fully Fed Foundation with every order they make. Just giving 50c goes a long way when we all partner together. The Fully Fed Foundation is run through the Creators Educational Trust and all donations made are tax deductable. An end of year tax receipt is available upon request. 

Secondly we donate 10% of the profits that is made through LunchOrders into the Fully Fed Foundation. We also work with schools and organisations to assist in providing healthy food at a low cost. 


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